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Slavneft-YANOS PJSC (YANOS) is one of the largest refineries in Russia with the design raw hydrocarbons refining capacity of 15.0 MTA. The Enterprise was put into operation in 1961; now it is among the industry leaders that manufacture the high-quality products.

YANOS manufactures a wide range of petroleum products, including Euro-5 motor gasoline and diesel oil, aviation kerosene, jet fuel, lube oils, bitumen, paraffins and waxes, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquefied gases and furnace oil. Slavneft-YANOS PJSC was awarded the Prize of the Russian Federation Government for great achievements in enhancement of the product quality and introduction of the effective management methods.

Due to the ISO 9001 certified quality management system, YANOS can continuously improve consumer properties of petroleum products. YANOS regularly upgrades the production facilities, increases the operations safety and decreases the adverse impact on the environment. Over the past years, more than two tens of major refining facilities were revamped and built; thus, a high-end deep oil processing plant, consisting of hydro-cracking, catalytic cracking and visbreaking units, was constructed.

In 2005, YANOS became the first Russian refinery to master production of Premium Euro-95 gasoline and diesel oil with the sulfur content of 50 ppm (Euro-4 standard). In 2006, the Refinery proceeded with fabrication of eco-friendly EN 590 diesel oil with the ultra-low sulfur content of 10 ppm. In 2011, YANOS completed construction of the Izomalk С5-С6 Fraction Isomerization Unit and Cat-Cracked Gasoline Hydrotreatment Unit. Implementation of these projects allowed the Refinery fully switching to fabrication of all motor fuels (motor gasoline and diesel oil) in compliance with the Euro-5 environmental standard in 2012.

As a part of the development program, the Refinery commissioned the Diesel Oil Hydrotreatment Unit with the capacity of 1.6 MTA in 2013. In 2014, YANOS revamped the Gasoline Pool Units (1A-1M Catalytic Cracking Unit, MTBE Production Unit and Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Unit) and introduced the diesel oil dewaxing technology for improving the cold flow properties of winter fuel.

In 2015 – 2017, the Refinery commissioned the automated station for diesel oil/ kerosene on-spot loading into rail tank cars, the station of fuel oil on-spot loading into rail tank cars. Thus, the Enterprise completely switched to the environmentally safe system of petroleum products loading. YANOS also commissioned the Group III Base Oils Production Unit. The Unit with the capacity of 100 thousand tons per year is designed to manufacture four types of the high-end base oils, two of which have never been produced in Russia before.

In 2018, the Refinery prepared the strategy of development until 2035, which first stage is construction of the new deep oil-processing complex, including the delayed coker as a part thereof. Due to this and other major investment projects, YANOS will be able to increase the oil processing depth and output of light oil products. In 2019, construction of the “Wet Catalysis” Hydrogen Sulfide Recovery Unit was completed at the Refinery.

Slavneft-YANOS PJSC is a continuous participant of the All-Russia competition named “Russia’s Top 100 Goods”. For recent years, such types of Refinery’s products, as gasoline, bitumen, diesel and jet fuel, lube oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, have been awarded the prestigious prizes in different nominations. In 2019, RON-92-K5 unleaded gasoline became the competition winner; F-grade interseasonal EURO diesel oil won in the “Non-Consumer Goods” nomination.