ОАО Slavneft-Yaroslavl Mendeleyev Refinery

The Yaroslavl Mendeleyev Refinery was founded in 1879. It has been a part of the Slavneft Group since 1995. The key activity of the Yaroslavl Mendeleyev Refinery is to output petroleum products from base oils and crude oil. The refinery’s capacities enable to refine up to 500 thousand tons of crude oil per annum and to produce about 50 product types including oil fuels, engine, gear, power and industrial oils, non-fluid oil, cutting fluids, oil additives, plastisol, household stove and arctic fuels.

In May 2007, Slavneft’s Board of Directors decided to divest the Company-owned shares of the Yaroslavl Mendeleyev Refinery. At the moment, potential buyers are being selected and different sale options are being reviewed.

The decision to sell the Yaroslavl Mendeleyev Refinery is associated with the intention to optimize Slavneft’s operational structure characterized by a well-balanced portfolio of production and processing assets and with the necessity to concentrate the investment resources for the upgrade of ОАО Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsyntez, the Company’s key refinery.