OAO NGK Slavneft certified the integrated HSE management system according to international standards


OAO NGK Slavnedt successfully performed a complex integrated health, safety and environmental management system to comply with the international standards. 
Based on the certification audit results, the specialists of the Russian Register Association recognized the system applied by the Company for strategic planning and activity management in the field of exploration, production and refining. Storage and transportation of hydrocarbons and petroleum products to comply with ISO 14001:2004 (environmental protection) OHSAS 18001:2007 (safety and labor protection) international standards.
The new integrated HSE management system to allow controlling over hazardous industrial factors and accident and break down preventing was introduced and has been applying in the Company since May 2009. Modern system for management of industrial and environmental risks within business processes are also applied at OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz and OAO Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (YANOS), the key production subsidiaries. In 2005, this system was certified at YANOS to comply with ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards. At OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz there is an active preparation to obtaining of similar certificates. 
The key activity of OAO NGK Slavneft is to provide for the safety of production processes to protect the life and health of employees and to minimize the man-caused environmental impact.  Annually the holding has been spending over 1 bln rubles for the financing of the actions to protect labor, provide for the industrial and fire safety. As a result of the steps taken, the industrial injury and occupational sickness rates at Slavneft’s subsidiaries decreases stepwise. In 2008, the fatality rate per 1 mln of worked hours amounted to 0.0169, which is three time lower as against the 2008 figures. Also in 2009, the road accident rate decreased down to 0.52 (per 1 mln kms) as against 0.68 in 2008.
Slavneft pays a great attention to providing for the environmental safety. During the period from 2003 up to 2008 the holding’s subsidiaries spent in aggregate over 13.8 bln rubles to take different environmental actions. In 2009, environmental costs of Slavneft Group exceeded 1.2 bln rubles.


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