In 1Q 2010 OAO NGK Slavneft produced 4.55 mln tons of oil


In January-March 2010, OAO NGK Slavneft’s subsidiaries produced 3.44 mln tons of oil or by 2.7% less as compared to I Q of the previous year. The gas production volume for the first three months of 2010 amounted to 210.6 mln cubic m and decreased by 5.1% as compared to January-March 2009. 
From the year beginning 194.1 ths m of rock were drilled and 39 wells were put into development at the Company’s fields.  As compared to the same period of the previous year the drilling progress in the production drilling increased by 15.7%.
As s whole for the Company the oil refining volume during 1Q 2010 amounted to 5.25 mln tons or 85.9 as compared to the level of January-March 2009. At that, OAO Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez refined 3.35 mln tons (an increase by 1.5%), ОАО Mozyr Refinery – 1.9 mln tons (a decline by 32.4%). A sharp decrease in the volumes refined by Mozyr refinery is due to the decrease in raw materials supplied to the Republic of Belarus because of change in the conditions of foreign economic activities. 
The volume of production of motor gasolines in the reporting period decreased by 13.3% as compared to the January-March 2009 and amounted to 0.98 mln tons, including those ones produced by YANOS 0.55 mln tons (a decrease by 7%), by Mozyr Refinery – 0.43 mln tons (a decrease by 20.2%). The decrease in the volume of motor gasolines produced by YANOS in I Q is envisaged by the subsidiary’s business plan and is due to the shut-down of some facilities for their planed maintenance in March.


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