G. Khan was re-elected as Chairman of OAO NGK Slavneft Board of Directors


German Khan, Executive Director of OAO TNK-BP Management, was re-elected as Chairman of OAO NGK Slavneft’s Board of Directors (BoD) at the meeting of the new BoD members held on July 7, 2010.
G. Khan has been the Chairman of OAO NGK Slavneft’s Board of Directors since July 2005.  
Thereafter, the nominees for the chairmen and members of the Audit Committee and the Staff and Remuneration Committee under the Board of Directors were determined and approved.
Jonathan Muir being the Financial Director of OAO TNK-BP Management became the chairman of the Audit Committee.  Except for him, Aleksey Guriev being the General Auditor of OAO TNK-BP Management, Karen Dashiyan being the Slavneft Asset Managers of the Economical and Financial Block of OAO Gazprom Neft and Vadim Yakovlev being Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Deputy General Director of OAO Gazprom Neft, Economics & Finances became members of the committee. 
Denis Kurtov being the Head of HR Department of OAO Gazprom Neft became the Chairman of the Staff and Remuneration Committee. Also the following persons became members of the committee: Svetlana Musikhina being the Head of Planning and Commercial Operations Division of BP Russia, Stanislav Polovets being the Director General of Alfa Access Renova Group (ААR) and Anatoly Moiseyevich Cherner being the Deputy Directors General for Logistics, Processing and Sales. 
The Committees’ activity is of advisory and consultative nature and is focused on ensuring the efficient performance of functions by the Board of Directors.
The new members of OAO NGK Slavneft Board of Directors were elected at the annual general meeting of the Company’s shareholders on June 29, 2010.


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