In 2010 OAO NGK Slavneft produced 18.4 mln tons of oil


In 2010, ОАО NGK Slavneft’s subsidiaries produced 18.4 mln tons of oil under the Business Plan what makes 97.2% against 2009. The gas production volume exceeded the planned indicator by 4.5% and amounted to 851.9 mln m3 (94% as compared to 2009).
222 new wells were put into operation at the Company’s fields for the reporting period (117.5% against 2009). The operation drilling progress amounted to 941.3 ths m that is 22.9% above the level of 2009.
The associated gas utilization level achieved 71.9% that exceeds the level of 2009 by 0.8%. The idle well stock decreased to 10.9% of the Company’s well stock against 11.6% in 2009.
The oil processing volume for the Company in general amounted to 22.9 mln tons that is 7% lower the indicators of 2009. At that, OAO Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (YaNOS) processed 14.3 mln tons (4.7% increase), ОАО Mozyr Refinery – 8.6 mln tons (21.6% decrease). Decline in the oil processed by ОАО Mozyr Refinery was caused by the planned major overhaul of some production units and decrease in the Russian oil supply to the Republic of Belarus due to the change in the conditions of the foreign economic activity.
In 2010, the motor fuel volume produced by the Company’s refineries increased by 2% and amounted to 4.4 mln tons. Within the period specified, YaNOS produced 2.3 mln tons of motor fuels (99% against. 2009), Mozyr Refinery – 2.1 mln tons (5.5% increase). Reduction of the motor fuel produced by YaNOS was stipulated by the Company’s Business Plan and related to the overhaul of some process units.


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