OAO NGK Slavneft and the Government of the Yaroslavl region signed the Cooperation Agreement for 2011


Yuri Sukhanov, President of ОАО NGK Slavneft and Sergey Vakhrukov, Governor of the Yaroslavl region, signed the Additional Cooperation Agreement which determines the key areas and parameters of interaction aimed at development of the region social sphere in 2011.
According to the Agreement, the Slavneft’s Subsidiaries operating in the Yaroslavl region plan to allocate over 260 mln rub. for social support of their employees this year. These funds will be used to fulfill the social obligations to their employees under the effective collective agreements, provide them and their family members with health resort treatment, and carry out cultural and sport events. A significant part of the amount allocated is designated to finance voluntary medical insurance and health resort treatment programs, and to replenish savings in the Non-State Pension Fund.
In 2011, ОАО NGK Slavneft plans to allocate the total of 78.5 mln rub. for implementation of the charity projects in the Yaroslavl region. According to the local authorities’ proposal, the Company’s social investments will be applied to upgrade the inventory and equipment of educational, medical and other social institutions, support and develop mass and professional sports, finance programs of the children’s charity funds.
ОАО NGK Slavneft regularly signs the long-term framework cooperation agreements which determine the priority areas, principles and forms of interaction in the economic, financial and budgetary, environmental and social spheres with the local authorities of the regions where the Company’s Subsidiaries perform their activity. The Company and local authorities further agree upon the specific cooperation parameters and stipulate them in annually signed additional agreements. Over the recent five years Slavneft invested over 820 mln rub. into development of the Yaroslavl region’s social sphere under the agreements specified.


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