In I Q 2012, OAO NGK Slavneft produced 4.48 mln t of oil


Over the first three months of 2012, the Slavneft Subsidiaries produced 4.48 mln t of oil and 215.4 mln m3 of gas under the Business Plan that exceeded the 2011 similar period values by 0.6% and 2.3%, respectively.
From the beginning of the current year, 169.1 ths m of rock was drilled and 30 new wells were commissioned at the Company’s fields. The associated gas utilization level achieved 76.2% which is 1.1% above the indicators of January-March, 2011.
Over I Q 2012, the Company’s hydrocarbons processing volume increased up to 6.57 mln t or by 13% vs. the 2011 similar period results. Herewith, ОАО Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (YaNOS) and ОАО Mozyr Refinery processed 3.69 and 2.88 mln t of crude oil having exceeded the previous year results by 6.2% and 23.1%, respectively. In I Q 2012, the crude oil volumes processed by the Mozyr Refinery grew mainly due to increased hydrocarbons volumes supplied from Russia.
In the reporting period, the motor fuel produced by the Company Subsidiaries increased by 5.8% vs. January-March, 2011 and exceeded 1.22 mln t. Over 1.94 mln t of diesel oil was produced that is 21.6% above the previous year indicators. YaNOS produced 0.53 mln t of motor fuel and 0.97 mln t of diesel oil that is 8% and 7.3% below the previous year figures, respectively. Over I Q 2012, commercial products output at YaNOS decreased due to the planned maintenance of motor fuel production units. Concurrently, the Mozyr Refinery produced 0.69 mln t of motor fuel and 0.97 mln t of diesel oil that amounted to 119.6% and 174.9%, respectively, vs. the 2011 first quarter results.


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