ОАО Slavneft-Megionneftegazgeologia held Annual General Shareholders Meeting


The Annual General Shareholders Meeting of ОАО Slavneft-Megionneftegazgeologia (ОАО SN-MNGG) was held on June 21, 2012. The shareholders approved the Subsidiary’s Annual Report, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement over 2011.
It was resolved to pay dividends at 4.74 rubles per Subsidiary’s ordinary and preferred share and proposed to allocate 845,371.4 ths rubles for this purpose.

The shareholders elected the Subsidiary’s Board of Directors and Revision Commission consisting of 7 and 3 members, respectively. The new Board of Directors of ОАО SN-MNGG includes:

1.    Alexey V. Bureyev – Head of the Accounting & Tax Control Department, ОАО NGK Slavneft;

2.    Sergey V. Voronov – Head of the Production Block, ОАО NGK Slavneft;

3.    Andrey V. Kovalenko – Vice President, ОАО NGK Slavneft

4.    Tatiana A. Rumyantseva – Head of the Methodology & Tax Control Department, ОАО NGK Slavneft;

5.    Viktor A. Savelyev – Vice President, ОАО NGK Slavneft;

6.    Andrey N. Trukhachev – Vice President, ОАО NGK Slavneft;

7.    Andrey B. Cherkasov – Head of the Geology Block, ОАО NGK Slavneft.

ООО VIP Consultant was appointed the Subsidiary’s Auditor responsible for revision of the 2012 financial statements.
The list of the shareholders entitled to take part in the Meeting was executed under the register data as of May 4, 2012.


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