Slavneft’s Subsidiaries produced 13.4 mln tons of oil over 9 months of 2012


In January-September 2012, Slavneft’s Subsidiaries produced 13.4 mln tons of oil and 627.3 mln m3 of gas under the Business Plan. The oil production decreased by 0.8% and gas production increased by 0.7% as compared to the similar period of 2011.
Over the period specified, 541.2 ths m of rock was drilled and 114 new wells were put into operation at the Company’s fields; the associated gas utilization made 74.3%.
The entire oil processing volume amounted to 19.8 mln t and raised by 8.4% against January-September 2011. ОАО Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (YaNOS) and ОАО Mozyr Refinery processed 11.3 mln t (5% increase) and 8.5 mln t of hydrocarbons, respectively (14.2% increase).
Over 9 months of 2012, the production of motor gasoline and diesel oil at the Company’s refineries grew by 17.7%, (3.7 mln t) and 20.5% (5.9 mln t), respectively, against the similar period of the previous year. YaNOS produced approximately 1.8 mln t of motor gasoline (3.4% increase) and 2.9 mln t of diesel oil (1% decrease) over the reporting period. In January 2012, YaNOS started producing motor fuels exclusively of the Euro-4/ Euro-5 eco-standards; from July 01, 2012, the Refinery has been manufacturing only the Euro-5 fuels. In January-September 2012, the Mozyr Refinery produced almost 2 mln t of motor gasoline (34.1% increase) and 3 mln t of diesel oil (53.4% increase).


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