Slavneft’s oil production reached 17.9 mln tons in 2012


In 2012, OAO NGK Slavneft’s entities produced 17.9 mln tons of oil which is 98.8% to the level of 2011. Gas production volume at the Company’s fields reached 841.0 cubic meters which is 0.5% lower than the past year’s level.
Over the reporting period, 157 new wells were commissioned at Slavneft’s license areas. Production drilling meterage amounted to 691.1 thousand meters. Associated oil gas utilization reached 74.7%.
The overall oil refining volume increased by 5.6% in 2012 and reached 26.6 mln tons. 15.3 mln tons of this volume were refined by OAO Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (3.4% increase) and 11.3 mln – by OAO Mozyr Refinery (8.6% increase).
Gasolines production at the Company’s plants increased by 12.8% in 2012 and amounted to 5.1 mln tons. Over the specified period, YANOS produced 2.43 mln tons of motor gasolines (3.3% increase) and Mozyr Refinery – about 2.65 mln tons (23.2% increase). Besides, last year, YANOS became one of the first Russian refineries to be fully converted to production of motor fuels under Euro-5, which is the highest environmental standard. During the fist six month of 2012, the refinery produced diesel fuel and motor gasolines of at least Euro-4 quality, and starting from July 1, 2012, the whole volume of motor fuels produced at YANOS fits Euro-5 class.


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