Slavneft produced 15.5 mln tons of crude oil in 2015


In 2015, Slavneft’s Enterprises produced 15.5 mln tons of crude oil and over-fulfilled the Business Plan by 135.5 ths tons.  Replenishment of the Company’s hydrocarbons base exceeded the actual crude oil production by 1.7 times. Oil production decline rates significantly reduced due to active application of advanced oil recovery enhancement methods.
In 2015, the associated petroleum gas (APG) production volume achieved 915.7 mln m3 and exceeded the planned indicator by 38.2 mln m3. APG utilization increased by 5.2% against the previous year and made 87.3%.

In 2015, 33 new oil production technologies were tested at the Slavneft fields; those technologies allowed receiving the economic effect of 233.5 RUB mln.

229 new wells were put in production at the Company’s license areas in the reporting period. The production drilling progress made 1,138 ths meters and grew by 33.3 ths meters vs. 2014. 
In 2015, within the Energy Saving Program, Slavneft gained the essential decrease in specific electric power consumption; saving made 229.180 mln kW/h. 
The crude oil refining volume totally for the Company is equal to 27.6 mln tons and conforms to the previous year indicator. Herewith, OAO Slavneft-YaNOS and OAO Mozyr Refinery processed 15.3 mln tons and 12.3 mln tons of raw hydrocarbons, respectively, in 2015.
Under the 2015 results, at the Slavneft Refineries, the motor gasoline production increased by 8.6% and achieved 5.4 mln tons, the diesel oil yield made 8.0 mln tons and decreased by 3.2% against 2014.
YaNOS manufactured 2.6 mln tons of motor gasoline (21.8% growth) and 4.1 mln tons of diesel oil (6.3% drop), which conform to the Euro-5 highest environmental standard. In 2015, the Mozyr Refinery produced 2.8 mln tons of gasoline (3.5% reduction) and 3.9 mln tons of diesel oil (100% against 2014).

Scheduled revamping of the YaNOS Gasoline Pool Units allowed enhancing their capacity; as a result, the Refinery significantly increased the motor gasoline output. Besides, the hydrocarbons advanced refining indicators and light oils yield essentially improved due to the upgrading.


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