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Slavneft’s structure includes two refineries, OAO Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (Yaroslavl region, Russian Federation) and OAO Mozyr Refinery (Republic of Belarus).
OAO Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez (Slavneft-YaNOS) is the largest refinery in Central Russia with a capacity allowing to process over 15 MTA of crude hydrocarbons. With its developed production and transportation infrastructure, YaNOS ranks fourth in terms of crude hydrocarbons processing and third in terms of motor fuels manufacturing among the Russian refineries. The Enterprise’s share in the total volume of oil processed in Russia makes 5.4%.
The range of YaNOS’s products includes over 100 types, many of which are entered into the list of the Russia’s top 100 goods. In 2009, the Refinery was awarded the Russian Federation Government Prize for great achievements in products quality enhancement.
Since the late 1990s, YaNOS has been implementing a large-scale upgrading program. Over the past years, more than 20 major industrial facilities were built and revamped at the Refinery. Particularly, an up-to-date deep oil processing plant, consisting of hydro-cracking (commissioned in November 2005), visbreaking (September 2004) and continuous catalytic regeneration (April 2006) units, was constructed.
In recent years, due to step-by-step upgrading of the industrial facilities, YaNOS managed to significantly increase an oil processing depth and light products yield. In 2012, YaNOS became one of the first Russian refineries, which fully converted to production of gasolines and diesel oil under the Euro-5 environmental standard.
The Mozyr Refinery is located in the Gomel region, in the south of the Republic of Belarus. Traditional sales markets of the Refinery are the northern regions of Ukraine, the western regions of Russia, the southern regions of Belorussia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Petroleum products are supplied to the markets of East European countries through the system of pipelines. Mozyr Refinery’s products are always of an exceptional quality; they are characterized by the low content of sulfur compounds in jet fuel and diesel oil, a high calorific value of residual fuel and no tetraethyl lead in motor gasoline.
The Mozyr Refinery is being developed under the approved revamping programs, within which the existing processing units are upgraded and new facilities are constructed. Over the past 13 years, the Refinery launched the Catalytic Cracking and Benzene Production Plants, Tar Visbreaking, Cat-Cracked Gasoline Hydrotreatment, Diesel Oil Hydrotreatment, Alkylation, Isomerization, and Residual Fuel Vacuum Distillation Units.

In 2015, the Mozyr Refinery mastered manufacturing of a new product – high-octane 98 K5-euro gasoline. At present, the Black Oil Hydrocracking Plant and Combined Plant for Production of Gasoline High-Octane Components are being constructed at the Refinery. 
Petroleum products of Slavneft’s Refineries are sold both in Russia and abroad. Rosneft and Gazprom Neft, the Company’s shareholders, export these products and sell them at domestic markets of Russia and the Republic of Belarus.
You can find information on performance results of the Company's oil processing activity in 2001-2016 here.