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Occupational health and safety

Occupational safety, preservation of the staff life and health are among the top priorities, which SLAVNEFT follows in its operational activity. Based on requirements of the Russian legislation and advanced experience of the leading industrial corporations, the Company constantly improves the process control methods and mitigates the industrial and environmental risks.
SLAVNEFT uses the efficient system for management of the occupational, industrial, fire and environmental safety. This system is a tool for implementation of the corporate Policy on Occupational, Industrial, Fire, Environmental Safety and Emergency Prevention, which all employees of the Company and contractors must follow.
SLAVNEFT permanently improves the occupational conditions. The Company implements the action plans for development of the operational culture and personnel’s commitment to safety issues, enhancement of the transportation, fire and industrial safety, increase in reliability of the equipment, technical devices and facilities.
Improvement of the process control systems, monitoring over the condition of operational facilities, introduction of the standards and procedures, which set forth high requirements to the occupational and industrial safety, allow mitigating the risk of accidents, incidents and job-related diseases.
However, SLAVNEFT strives to maintain a high level of readiness for containment and remediation of after-effects in case of possible accidents / incidents. Emergency rescue teams have been established and properly qualified at the key operational enterprises of the Company. In cooperation with the local bodies of the RF Civil Defense and Emergency Response Ministry, these teams regularly participate in emergency response trainings.
SLAVNEFT performed the special evaluation of labor conditions at all workplaces in accordance with Federal Law No.426-FZ Regarding Special Evaluation of Labor Conditions dated December 28, 2013. During evaluation, harmful and (or) hazardous operational factors were not discovered. The Declaration of Labor Conditions Compliance with National Statutory Requirements to Occupational Safety was registered under No.10582 in the State Labor Inspection Agency for Moscow.